HABU #974 Crew Cap

HABU #974 Crew Cap

On some Pacific Islands, there exists a deadly, black venomous pit viper called the Habu.  When the top secret brainchild of Kelly Johnson and the Skunk Works, none other than the worlds fastest air breathing aircraft, the A-12, and later SR-71s first flew into their remote base of Kadena AFB, Okinawa, the local people couldn’t help but notice the strange and menacing shape thundering in the sky.  The Titanium monster came to be known as Habu, as did the crews that flew her

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Rubber Dogshit Beanie

Rubber Dogshit Beanie

The perfect headgear for the fashion minded pandemic veteran. The person who wears this hat, tells the world that he won't take any shit! ...but he will load it, and fly it anywhere it needs to be.  

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Rubber Dogshit Transport Div. Trucker Cap

Rubber Dogshit Transport Div. Trucker Cap

For Sale: Oceanside cottage - 1 bedroom, walking distance to volleyball court and beach. Motorcycle included. Serious inquiries only! 

Reason for sale: Idiot boyfriend kept writing checks his body can't cash. Moving to Hong Kong end of March. Contact Penny Benjamin for more info:

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Stars and Bars - LowVis PULL TO EJECT Decal STRIKE FIGHTER SQUADRON 14 (VFA-14) Because...I was Inverted Roundel 94TH FIGHTER SQUADRON

Aviation Decal Collection

The world's largest collection of technically accurate military and civilian aircraft marking vinyl cut decals

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9th SRW HABU #974 Crew Cap B-52 BUFF Crew Cap VF-84 Jolly Rogers Crew Cap Sierra Hotel Aeronautics Crew Cap Chemtrail Flight Crew Cap

Crew Caps

High quality cotton flight crew baseball caps that bring the history of aviation to Life with authentic and historically accurate markings.

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Sierra Hotel Aeronautics Camo Green Patch Chemtrail Flight Crew Patch Sierra Hotel Aeronautics Desert Camo Patch STANDARD BRIEF Because I Was Inverted Patch

Sierra Hotel Patches

Sierra Hotel Aeronautics (SHA) Phonetic abbreviation for “Sh#t Hot", The highest praise; the pilot’s all-purpose expression of approval from fellow aviators. Wearing Sierra Hotel patch on your flight suit, jacket, or flight bag, it is a declaration of your personal PURSUIT of aeronautical excellence.

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We are a composite of many levels of active and retired aviation personnel, a collective of aeronauts, so to speak. A network of Veterans, Military and Civilian Flight Crews, Instructors, Engineers, Ground crews, Maintainers, Astronauts, Aviation photographers, Air show performers, Announcers, Controllers, and aviation personnel of all types. We are aeronautically speaking, greater than the sum of our parts

We celebrate the honor and valor of all those who have carried aviation through the years, allowing us to reach ever higher. We welcome you to share in our passion and celebration of the gift given to us through the commitment, struggles and sacrifices of all those aviators that have come before us.

Our mission is to tell the great tales of aviation’s history, honour the memories of past aviators, the aircraft they flew, and the missions they were assigned. Our Museum Line of vintage aviation T-shirts and vintage aviation clothing, brings life to the history of flight and allows the wearer to tell the tale.