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Stars and Bars - LowVis PULL TO EJECT Decal STRIKE FIGHTER SQUADRON 14 (VFA-14) Because...I was Inverted Roundel 94TH FIGHTER SQUADRON

Aviation Decals and Aircraft Markings

Aviation Decal Collection

We present the most comprehensive and unique collection of museum quality historically accurate military and civilian aviation decals and aircraft markings. Our reputation for high quality all weather, all season, waterproof aviation decals, and aircraft markings, are second to none! Flown on countless military and civilian aircraft around the world, we are proud to present the one and only Sierra Hotel Aeronautics Aviation Decal Collection.

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Mustang A-2 Flight Jacket U.S. NAVY ISSUE MIL SPEC G-1 JACKET “Movie Hero” CWU-36/P Flight Jacket Womens B-3 Jacket

USN G-1, USAF A-2 and B-3 Bombers

Flight Jackets

The Type A-2 flying jacket was adopted as standard issue by the U.S. Army Air Corps as the successor to the Type A-1 flying jacket on May 9, 1931, per specification number 94-3040. The U.S. Army Air Forces Class 13 Catalog listed the garment as "Jacket, Flying, Type A-2". Current Supplier to the US Government since 1980. Official Supplier to the US Air Force of the A-2 Leather Pilot Jacket.

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VF-31 Tomcatters Crew Cap

VF-31 Tomcatters Crew Cap

After his walk though Hollywood, the grinning feline began its military career amidst a battle between two US Navy squadrons who had claimed ownership to the stray cat.In the end, the victorious squadron was VF-3, a squadron formally known as the“Shooting Stars”.Now sporting a bomb with a lit fuse, Felix was soon painted on the squadron aircraft, and patched on the crew flight jackets.(Including famed aviators Charles Lindbergh, and Butch O’Hare)

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Chemtrail Operations Flight Crew Beanie

Chemtrail Operations Flight Crew Beanie

Introducing the worlds first, and only Chemtrail Operations Flight Crew beanie! With a tip of the hat to our DiHydrogen Monoxide Geoengineering crews around the world, our beanie proudly honors your tireless work for all to see!

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Landing Signal Officer Watch

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Randolph Engineering Aviators - SKYFORCE AIR™ SLATE Randolph Engineering Aviators -  SKYFORCE™ ATLANTIC BLUE Randolph Engineering Aviators - SKYTEC™ AGX Randolph Engineering Concorde - SKYTEC-P™ American Grey Polarized Randolph Engineering Concorde - SKYFORCE™ ATLANTIC BLUE

Randolph Engineering

Aviator Sunglasses

While the aviator has become one of the most popular consumer sunglasses style in the world, it has remained a staple of military gear for the U.S. military. Since 1978, Randolph Engineering has been producing aviator sunglasses for the U.S. military. It is currently in its 4th 5-year term, supplying the HGU-4/P to the US Army and Navy and allied Air Forces world-wide.

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