Rubber Dogshit Transport Div. Flight Operations Trucker Cap

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Presenting the one and only Rubber Dogshit Flight Operations Transport Division Trucker Cap!

Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of instructing,
  And plowed the skies on ice-laden wings.
Moonward I’ve climbed and joined the tumbling turbulence
  Of lightning split clouds - and done a hundred things
The Feds have not dreamed of - scud run, busted mins,
  Flown handheld, homemade approaches. Yawning there,
I’ve chased the impossible schedule, and flung
  the ancient craft through convective sigmets.
Up, up the long over-loaded, over-heating climb,
  I’ve topped the MVAs with red-line power,
Where bats and even owls fly,
  And while with hypothermic, fatigued mind I’ve trod
The complex, congested New York airspace,
  Put out my hand, and touched the de-ice switch.

— Name withheld per Freightdog's attorney


Rubber Dogshit Transport Div Decal:

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