Flight Jacket Sizing Guide

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a complete Fit Consultation

Please provide with as much information as possible to ensure a proper custom fitted Flight Jacket

Do NOT measure yourself. Have someone else measure you. 

Height:   ____________

Weight:  ____________ 

Neck:    ____________

(Measure the circumference around the base of neck.) 

Back Length Center:  _____________

(Measure the vertical length taken from the center-back neck point to waist at center-back.)

Chest: _____________ 

(Measure circumference from under arms around fullest part of chest/bust and in a horizontal line across back.) 

Waist: _____________

(Measure around natural waistline (not over clothing / not hips))

Sleeve Length: _____________

(Measure from center-back neck across shoulder to wrist. Bend elbow slightly (arm relaxed))

Send your measurements to us at Sales@Sierrahotel.net, and we will complete your custom jacket size consultation right away!