“Movie Hero” CWU-36/P Flight Jacket

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The Cockpit USA Movie Heroes© CWU-36/P – although a faithful reproduction of the Mil-Spec Nomex® Summer Weight Flight Jacket, it is made using a durable nylon twill shell and lining woven to specs to replicate the look of the original.
The official Nomex® version was supplied by Cockpit USA to Paramount Pictures for the long awaited sequel, 35 years in the making, “Top Gun II Maverick”.
The CWU-36 flight jacket has been the U.S. military aviator’s primary summer weight flight jacket for over 40 years worn by pilots and aircrew of the Navy, Air Force, Marines, Army, & Coast Guard still today.

CWU-36 Flight Jacket Details and Specs:
Durable Nylon Twill shell, and lining replacing costly Nomex®, while retaining the structure and look of the original
Velcro mounted Screen Accurate VX-31, USN Fighter Weapons School, and American Flag Patches
Velcro mounted embossed Cockpit USA leather Name Tag
Cockpit USA custom designed and copyrighted VX-31 silk screen applique embroidered onto the lining
Military fit
Manufactured in the USA


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