Red One - HABU #962

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On some Pacific Islands, there exists a deadly, black venomous pit viper called the Habu.  When the top secret brainchild of Kelly Johnson and the Skunk Works, none other than the worlds fastest air breathing aircraft, the A-12, and later SR-71s first flew into their remote base of Kadena AFB, Okinawa, the local people couldn’t help but notice the strange and menacing shape thundering in the sky.  The Titanium monster came to be known as Habu, as did the crews that flew her.  

After her years of serving her country on countless missions over countless countries  HABU #962 was moved from her storage at Lockheed's facility in Palmdale, California, was was given a permanent home at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford, England. She is the only SR-71 Blackbird displayed outside the continental United States. She was presented to Duxford in appreciation of Great Britain's strategic generosity in allowing the USAF to operate Det 4 out of RAF Mildenhall for so many years. You can see HABU 962 proudly on station forever reminding future generations of a great bird that graced the United Kingdom's skies...

You know the part in 'High Flight where it talks about putting out your hand to touch the face of God? Well, when we're at speed and altitude in the SR, we have to slow down and descend in order to do that.

— USAF Lt. Col. Gil Bertelson, SR-71 pilot


HABU Silhouette Decal:

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