Felix the Cat

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The grinning feline began its military career amidst a battle between two US Navy squadrons who had claimed ownership to the stray cat.  In the end, the victorious squadron was VF-3, a squadron formally known as the Shooting Stars.  Now sporting a bomb with a lit fuse, Felix was soon painted on the squadron aircraft, and patched on the crew flight jackets.  (Including famed aviators Charles Lindbergh, and Butch OHare)

In 1948, the nickname "Tomcatters was adopted by the squadron, and to this day, they carry the callsign Felix"

The worlds finest collection of museum quality historically accurate, all weather, all season, waterproof, vinyl cut military and civilian aviation decals, airplane stickers, and aircraft markings. Presenting the one and only Sierra Hotel Aeronautics Aviation Decal Collection.  

Tomcatters Crew Cap

Tomcatters Baseball Cap

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