Aviation Mechanics - Decal Placard

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Here's to the men with greasy hands

Who fuel our planes when the pilot lands.

Who change the tires and oil the squeaks,

Fix the flak damage and stop the leaks.


Tend to the controls to make them fly straight,

Wait for the planes when the pilots are late.

Who smooth the scratches and rivet the panels,

Check "Loud and clear" on the radio channels.


Who read the write-ups and make the repairs,

Check the lines and wires for chafing and tears.

Who pull the chocks and walk the wings,

And do a million maint'nance things.


Who watch as the bird takes off and flies.

So here's a salute to those hard-working guys

From a group of flyers who seldom ponder

The men who keep us in the wild blue yonder.


We present the most comprehensive and unique collection of aircraft markings anywhere on the globe.  Our high quality designs drafted after military and civilian markings are accurate and exacting in detail.  

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