Area 51 Vehicle Permit

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Area 51 Vehicle Permit

Groom Dry Lake, NV began as a U.S. Army AF gunnery range during war time, then   became part of the the Atomic Energy Commission's atomic bomb-testing area. In the mid 1950s, Lockheed Skunk Works needed a place where they could test their ultra secret U-2 Spyplane.

Covertly active for over 50 years in its shrouded operations. Area 51 is also the only runway complex that had never appeared on aviation maps...that is until December 2007, when pilots noticed that the base had suddenly appeared in their aircraft navigation systems, along with the ICAO airport identifier code of KXTA, listed as "Homey Airport"  Although now present on maps, pilots are strongly warned to remain clear of the restricted airspace.  Even in the event of an emergency

Whether you call it Groom Lake, Dreamland, Neverland, The Box, The Ranch, R-4808N, or simply Area remains our non existent home away from home in the Nevada desert.  

The worlds finest collection of museum quality historically accurate, all weather, all season, waterproof, vinyl cut military and civilian aviation decals, airplane stickers and aircraft markings. Presenting the one and only Sierra Hotel Aeronautics Aviation Decal Collection.  

Groom Lake - Area 51


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