The EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle APC Incident

 June 26th 1981; The EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle APC is first utilized in a secret extraction operation inside Czechoslovakian borders. The crisis began to unfold when several American military personnel inadvertently crossed through the Czech border, and in a desperate bid to avoid an international incident with Soviet forces, the EM-50 prototype was dispatched from its position in Western Germany in a covert rescue mission.

OPSEC prevents us from releasing more information on the secretive operation, but was can say the mission was a complete success, with no losses, and all hostages, as well as the entire rescue platoon successfully returned from behind the iron curtain of the highly fortified Czech borders.

Upon their return, and in recognition of their display of extraordinary heroism in combat with an well armed enemy force, each member of the EM-50 crew, and several members of the rescued group were honourably recognized for their valiant actions, with each receiving a Distinguished Service Cross (DSC), the United States Army's second highest military decoration. Recipients : US Army Russel Ziskey, John Winger, Louis Cooper, Stella Hansen, Sergeant Hulka, and Dewey "Ox” Oxberger.




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    All this was possible due to the “special exercises” Spec. 4s Hansen and Cooper had been performing.

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