Pilot Wings - Temporary Tattoo

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Tattoo - 3 Inches Wide

Picture yourself on the beach enjoying a beautiful sunny day, when you realize that nobody knows you are a pilot.  No uniform, no flight jacket.  You have your aviator glasses on...but is that enough??

This is the kind of social crisis we as pilots would all like to avoid.  Thankfully we at Sierra Hotel Aeronautics have found a solution!  The Sierra Hotel USAF Pilot Wings Temporary Tattoo!!

Now, as you shed your t shirt at the pool, or drop your towel on the beach, allow your wings to remain on display for all the world to see!  Your significant other will love you even more now that you found a new way to let everyone around you know you are a pilot... without even saying a word!  

USAF Pilot Wings - temporary tattoos. Safe on the skin, easy to apply, and will last 1-3 days!  


  1. Clean the area where you will apply the tattoo with soap and water. Then, ensure the area is dry.
  2. Remove the plastic protective film from your tattoo.
  3. Hold your tattoo face down on the application area.
  4. Wet a sponge or paper towel and hold it against the tattoo backing for 30 seconds, allowing the water to soak through the tattoo paper.
  5. Remove the backing by sliding it away and gently rub the wet sponge over the applied tattoo for the best results.
  6. Now allow your friends and loved ones to enjoy being in the presence of your greatness.