Mach 3+ Diamond Decal

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Decal - 4 inches high

The original Mach 3+ diamond worn by those who have exceeded 3 times the speed of sound in the only aircraft capable of doing so... none other than the SR-71 Blackbird.

December 22nd, 1964, Lockheed's Skunk Works, and the brain child of Kelly Johnson, the ultra secret Strategic Reconnaissance SR-71 first took to the skies! She was designed with a minimal radar cross section, loaded with electronic countermeasures, and a deep blue/black paint to increase its internal heat emission and act as night time camouflage. The stealthy sleek air breather came to be known by her nickname...the Blackbird!

The worlds finest collection of museum quality historically accurate, all weather, all season, waterproof, vinyl cut military and civilian aviation decals, and aircraft markings. Presenting the one and only Sierra Hotel Aeronautics Aviation Decal Collection.  

Sr-71 decal