Chemtrail Operations Air Traffic Controller

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Decal - 3 1/2 Inches 

We salute Chemtrail Operations Air Traffic Controllers around the world as they perform their thankless duties in their service to the will of the dark sector overlords.  

As countless chemtrail aircraft operate in the skies above, Chemtrail Controllers expedite the flow of chem flights, yet never allowing chemtrail aircraft to cross streams, nor allowing for interference with regular IFR or VFR aircraft traffic. Condensation Overlays, Contrail Barium Patchwork,  Polymer Vectors, and the multitude of Radar Aluminum Redirects, while keeping the skies above safer than they have ever been.  We wanted to show a little appreciation for all your dedicated work! Introducing the official Sierra Hotel Aeronautics Chemtrail Operations Air Traffic Controller Decal!