Area 51 Vehicle Permit

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Whether you call it Groom Lake, Dreamland, Neverland, The Box, The Ranch, R-4808N, or simply Area remains our non existent home away from home in the Nevada desert.  

Flying in on a Janet jet is always quick and easy, but driving on base is a whole other story.  Thankfully we now offer our Groom Lake Parking Permit.   Once all the Chads and Kyles rush the base to "see them aliens" in the big September event, parking will become impossible during the new Area 51 tourist high season.  To add to this, multiple base parking areas will be re-designated for visitor mobile home parks being planned for the big "Storm Area 51" event.  

Once inside Dreamland, our parking permit will allow you to park anywhere on the installation.  Even including the popular Electromagnetic Rail Gun laser tag building lot, and of course the Anti Gravity Research Complex.  Both of which have always been known to be a difficult parking areas.  

Just Kidding, and we hope you are too!  This A51 parking permit is just for fun.  It will look great on any vehicle, but please do not attempt to go any where near Area 51. They are not looking for visitors, tourists, or any of the like.  

To those considering storming the base - Please DO NOT!  We cannot express that clearly enough.  It is a very very bad idea.    

As a matter of fact, a spokesperson for the USAF has made the following statement in regards to the upcoming planned public storming of the base....  "We are ready to protect America and its assets".

We have heard the phrase "They can't get all of us" many times....but the truth is, they really can.  So please do not attempt to "Storm the Base".  It will not end well

but the good news, is you can just stay at home and order your parking pass instead!