Flight Deck Shooter

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Our limited edition vintage aviation clothing undergo a special aging and weathering process that gives the look of being printed in a Quonset hut, faded by the tropical sun and flown fifty missions. Much like an old flight jacket, they will only become more comfortable, faded and treasured with each passing day and each passing flight.

Printed on very high quality garment dyed fabric, pre shrunk 6.1 ounce heavy weight cotton. Set in Sleeves. ¾ ribbed collar with double-needle top stitched neckline. Double needle stitched armhole, sleeve and waist hems. Taped neck shoulder to shoulder.

In between the orchestrated chaos of the Flight Deck, lies the most complex, immaculately choreographed symphony of personnel who are the musicians that make the music possible.  The Carrier Flight Deck Personnel each assigned critical duties, and each wearing the coded colour shirts that allow others to know what they are doing there.  In an environment far too loud for verbal communication, and far too deadly to risk mis information, these crew members use a complex system of hand signals that turn the most dangerous place on earth, into a graceful technical ballet of professionalism and precision…

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