USAF vs the US Navy vs the US Army

There's an Air Force pilot driving from McChord to NAS Whidbey, and a Naval aviator driving from NAS Whidbey to McChord. In the middle of the night with no other cars on the road they hit each other head on and both cars go flying off in different directions. The Air Force pilot manages to climb out of his car and surveys the damage, looks at his twisted car and says, "Man, I am really lucky to be alive!" Likewise the aviator scrambles out of his car and looks at his wreckage. He too says to himself, "I can't believe I survived this wreck!" 

The aviator walks over to the Air Force pilot and says, "Hey man, I think this is a sign from God that we should put away our petty differences and live as friends instead of arch rivals" The Air Force pilot thinks for a moment and says, "You know, you're absolutely right! We should be friends. Now I'm gonna see what else survived this wreck" So the Air Force pilot pops open his trunk and finds a full, unopened bottle of Jack Daniels.

He says to the Navy pilot, "I think this is another sign from God that we should toast to our new found understanding and friendship" The Navy pilot replies, "You're damn right!" and he grabs the bottle and starts chugging.

After putting away nearly half the bottle the Navy aviator hands it back to the Air Force pilot and says, "Your turn!"

The Air Force pilot twists the cap back on the bottle and says, "Nahh, I think I'll wait for the cops to come."

Pictured: In honor of an upcoming NAVY vs. AIR FORCE Football Game in October 2008, a group of 2nd Class Midshipmen on the Service Academy Exchange Program from Annapolis to the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs surfaced the USS BANCROFT (SSBN 643) on the grounds of the Air Force Academy.  As the Zoomie Cadets woke up and walked to class, they were greeted with the Submarine Force's ability to be anywhere anytime.

Pictured:  A group of midshipmen snuck onto the grounds of Colorado's USAF Academy during nighttime, and repainted a USAF F-4 Phantom in USN Blue Angels  colors.   

 Special mention to the crew of this B-52, who not only had the inspiration to attempt a carrier approach just to mess with the Navy guys, but the fact that they dropped gear and flaps has to make you smile...

Two Naval aviators boarded a flight from Washington to New York. One sat in the window seat, the other in the middle seat.

Just before take-off an Army helicopter pilot got on and took the aisle seat next to the Navy guys.

He kicked off his shoes, wiggled his toes and was just settling in when the Navy pilot in the window seat said, “I think I’ll go up and get a Coke.”

“No problem,” said the Army guy, “Stay there, I’ll get it for you.” While he was gone, the Navy pilot picked up the Army pilot’s shoe and spat in it.

When the Army guy returned with the Coke, the other Navy pilot said, “That looks good. I think I’ll have one too.”

Again, the Army helicopter pilot obligingly went to fetch it, and while he was gone the Navy pilot picked up the other shoe and spat in it too.

The Army guy returned with the coke, and they all sat back and enjoyed the short flight to New York.

As the plane was landing the Army pilot slipped his feet into his shoes and knew immediately what had happened.

“How long must this go on?” he asked. “This enmity between the Navy and the Army…this hatred…this animosity…this spitting in shoes and pissing in cokes?”




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    Love your page. Stumbled across it today. My father, Smoke Wilson USN ADM ret. passed away on June 13th last year. He will be honored at the Golden Eagles convention in April. He flew the one and only 6 on 6 test mission from Pt. Mugu TC in the F-14. Would you want to do a piece on him in your blog? His obit can be read at:

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