Snort's Banana Pass

NO, this image has not been photoshopped
NO, the pilot was not grounded
and NO, it is not the first time Snort demonstrated the Banana pass!

The aircraft carrier is USS America and the photo was taken in 1988, when construction of John C. Stennis had not yet begun. The pilot was CDR Dale O. Snodgrass, and no, no matter how many times you have seen it on the internet, he was not grounded.
Retired Captain Snodgrass wrote in 1998: "I am amazed that after nine years this photo is being scrutinized with such fervor. The photo is in fact real. It was taken during a dependent's day airshow aboard the USS America in the summer of 1988. I was Executive Officer of VF-33, the Captain of the America was JJ Coonan. It was of my opening pass in the F-14 demo. This photo indeed has a surrealistic quality. I believe it is due to the focal length of the camera used. There is no doubt that this pass was an aggressive low level maneuver, however, it was briefed to the Airwing Commander who happened to be Captain JL Johnson. Currently he is the Chief of Naval Operations. In fact the officer standing on the flight [deck] with his hands behind his back adjacent the LSO platform is CNO."
Photos above taken by Sean E. Dunn, USN  
The photos below submitted to Sierra Hotel Aeronautics
via Scott Ó Cruimín Carmean USN Ret 




  • OmarTheTentmaker

    Only the best fly navy. It’s that simple!!!

  • Brian Robertson

    This was actually in 1989 in the I/O. Not a dependants day Tiger Cruise. I have the same pic, with me in it, that I took with a disposable camera.

  • Wayne Peeler

    Sweet flyboy…..sweet!

  • Chris Kranick

    I was there aboard the America. Was awesome!

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