Capt Kenneth Spinning of the US 15th Air Force adopted a small pup in Northern Africa. "Skippy" as he came to be known, followed his master everywhere he went. Skippy was even fitted with his own custom-made O2 mask, and completed 7 bombing missions with his fellow crew members.
One morning, Capt Spinning departed on a mission without Skippy. As usual, Skippy would sit on the flight line, waiting for his masters B-17 to return. Sadly, on this particular raid, Capt. Ken Spinning's aircraft was lost, never to return, and from that day forth, every day, as the pilots filed into briefing, Skippy would sniff each and every boot searching for his master...... At the end of WWII, Capt Spinning's Co-pilot, Emerick made sure Skippy was not left behind and brought him back to the Mainland with the rest of the crew.

On his return home, Capt Emerick walked up the walkway leading up to Capt. Spinnings house, and proudly presented Skippy to Mrs Spinning to live the rest of his days in the home he surley belonged.

The Purple Poppy recognizes the extraordinary courage, selflessness and loyalty of all animals who had served alongside our militaries in times of war and peace. On the frontlines of conflict around the world, in the trenches, the jungles, the deserts, or in hospitals providing comfort to veterans living with trauma. Bomb sniffers, search and rescue, law enforcement, and medical support...these unsung heroes. have all given everything they have in their loyal and honourable service

Pictured below: A WWI allied soldier bandages the paw of a Red Cross working dog in Flanders, Belgium, May 1917. - Photograph by Harriet Chalmers Adams, National Geographic  

They served too! 


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