Do Not Pull to Eject!

Time for another Sierra Hotel instalment of not so great moments in aviation.

In November of 2002, an F-14D from VF-213 squadron, was giving a Familiarization Flight to an officer from one of the Aegis Class Cruisers. Unfortunately sometime during the flight; the passenger's harness straps were not properly adjusted, and while in the midst of a negative G push, he began to float out of his seat. In a regrettable attempt to readjust his position, he reached down and grabbed the first item he could reach...a yellow and black stripped handle.

Within a millisecond, the now ballistic passenger was no longer in the Tomcat, but traveling away from the F-14 in a most expedient manner.  Thankfully, his chute deployed properly, and he touched down with nothing more than minor injuries. The ejected passenger was rescued in a short amount of time, and the Tomcat was recovered without further incident, after the pilot enjoyed a nice sunny convertible ride back to NAS Fallon.

The End...




  • Bob

    Someone slept through the cockpit safety orientation…

  • Bill Kettenbach

    Short in the headset!

  • Kevin

    Classic case of FUBAR

  • Loyal

    in the military they say SNAFU..

  • Mike W

    Never let a shoe in the cockpit!

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