County Judge Sides with Local Residents in Class Action Against Local Airport

A County judge has sided with local residents in a precedent-setting ruling in regards to aircraft noise and safety…

Northern California -  A small community made up of recently constructed housing and condos had launched a class action suit against the local small airport of Neverland Field.  Built in 1927, Neverland Field consisted of a single runway and a small grouping of hangars surrounded by farmland. Since the airport opened for operation, it has been an important asset to local pilots, businesses and the greater aviation community at large.
In 2011, a development company bought the land surrounding the airport and construction began shortly afterwards.  Within a few years, the immediate area was filled with newly constructed roads, housing, and condos. 
A short time later, local residents began to complain about the noise from the aircraft flying in and out of Neverland Field.  A class action suit was filed against the airport stating loss of quality of life, health issues associated with noise pollution and safety concerns of aircraft falling out of the sky at any given moment. The lawsuit also proclaims that aircraft “literally roar down the residential streets.”
Locals complained that the airport has severely affected their property values, thus causing a financial loss to the innocent residents that moved next to the decades-old airfield.  In addition, the class action lawsuit also states that larger aircraft such as the 4-seat Cessna 172 have been operating at odd, late-night hours.  Residents stated that the overpowered aircraft caused their houses to shake and animals to flee due to their formidable power plants   However airport statistics indicated that there “were no significant changes” in runway operations, outside of normal seasonal variations.
After a few days of deliberation, the County judge ruled in favour of the local residents stating that they do in fact have a right to a peaceful environment, a safe area in which to raise their families, and that residents should in no way suffer financial loss due to the proximity of their newly constructed developments around the airport.   The judge promised that swift and deliberate action would be taken to remedy the situation and to ensure a more tranquil life for those affected.  
The next morning, local residents found a large "X” carved into streets surrounding the airport, and notices of land appropriation advised local residents to prepare for immediate relocation.  
Once the temporary relocation of local residents to an undisclosed location was completed,  bulldozers were brought in, 84 homes and 7 condo developments were systematically demolished, and the entire area around the airport was levelled.  
The judge hopes that his precedent setting ruling will avoid future legal complications, and will most certainly ensure a quieter, better quality of life for the class action participants.  "Nobody should suffer the indignities of living next to an airport that you chose to move next to…that is just not fair”  the County judge said in a statement to local media.  
When asked what will become of the unoccupied land around the airport, County officials decided that it is most probable that the airport's runway will be extended
“We are pleased with the decision,” " said local pilot William “Wild Bill” Kelso USAAF Ret





  • Randy Coller

    While this sounds good to us aviators, not sure I believe it. I’ve been in aviation over 50 years. I’m a pilot and aircraft owner and a strong supporter of general aviation. This happens over and over again, the airport located out in the “country” is soon surrounded by development. At one time the land was cheap. If you want to protect your airport, buy the property surrounding it. It’s that simple. Don’t try to “zone” away a property owners right to their property after they have purchased it unless you want to compensate them for that “taking.” Our constitution provides for compensation if the government “takes” your property or the rights to your property.


    Love the way the comments play along with the gag article. Thanks for a good laugh.

  • W.bleau

    It’s about time that a judge does what is right. Too many times developers put housing close to airports then the residents try to close it down. Hope this message gets to Springbank Alberta where a developer has done the same thing and now the residents are trying to close the airport. Absolutely rediculous and the politicians should be held accountable for misconduct in approving a developers rediculous request.

  • JonP

    Onteresting article and have seen it in one form or another over the years. Love the photo of Bill Kelso and his comments. Heh, heh
    Thanks SHA

  • robert Johnson

    Mr Judge Sir, I didn’t think there was a judge in al of California that was worth a hoot and you just proved me wrong. Finally someone had the balls to stand up to these dumb asses that build next to airports and then complain about airplane noise. Make the area in to a airpark if your looking for a land use for the acreage around the airport

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