Airboss Grape

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Our limited edition vintage aviation clothing undergo a special aging and weathering process that gives the look of being printed in a Quonset hut, faded by the tropical sun and flown fifty missions. Much like an old flight jacket, they will only become more comfortable, faded and treasured with each passing day and each passing flight.

Printed on very high quality garment dyed fabric, pre shrunk 6.1 ounce heavy weight cotton. Set in Sleeves. ¾ ribbed collar with double-needle top stitched neckline. Double needle stitched armhole, sleeve and waist hems. Taped neck shoulder to shoulder.

Also known as the air officer (along with his assistant, the miniboss) own the air space and all aspects of operations involving aircraft. From the hangar deck, to the flight deck, as well as all airborne aircraft within 5 nautical miles from the carrier. From his perch in PriFly, Primary Flight Control or the "tower", the AIR BOSS and MINI BOSS maintain visual control of all aircraft operating in the carrier control zone (Up to and including 2,500 feet, within a circular limit defined by 5 nautical miles horizontal radius from the carrier).  Any aircraft desiring to operate within this control zone must obtain his approval prior to entry.

The normal working jersey color of an air boss is yellow, but the Air Boss represents everyone working on the flight deck, hangar bay and aviation fuels personnel, and may wear any color jersey of his choosing. 



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