5 Bar Epaulettes

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After all your hours in the cockpit, it is about time you were recognized for your high standards and extreme levels of professionalism.  Flawless Flight Crew Members such as yourselves should not be forced to wait for peer recognition.  Give yourself the recognition that you deserve, and command the respect you are so rightfully entitled to.  Our 5 bar epaulettes tell those around you that you mean business, and live on the gleaming leading edge of aviation professionalism.  Cockpit Resource Management are for the feeble minded and weak hearted.  Wearing 5 gold bars on your shoulders will send the right message to those that work with you on the ground, and those in the air that you are just as much the law as gravity has always been. Unquestionable and uncomprimising.  Rise to your occasion, and let others around you know you are not to be distracted or disturbed with their petty trivialities.    For you are Pilot In Command!

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