Nomex CWU Modified 36P Lightweight Jacket - Tan

Nomex CWU Modified 36P Lightweight Jacket - Tan
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Our Modified CWU 36P is a lightweight jacket made of 4.5oz dupont Nomex for cool to warm weather wear. The fire-retardent qualities of Nomex help make this jacket the ultimate combination of authentic military style and functionality. Nomex, a trademark of DuPont Corporation, was first developed experimentally in the early 1960's and it’s beyond question that the properties of the fabric for aviation safety, crew protection, and other areas requiring fire-retardent qualities have seldom been outclassed. This fiber, like normal textile fibers, is characterized by its excellent resistance to heat, as it neither melts nor ignites in normal levels of oxygen saturation. Available in tan and sage. Proudly made in the USA.