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Blue Glass Hydrophobic
Blue Glass Hydrophobic
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Studies indicate blue lenses can have a calming effect on the eyes. The grey blue tint enhances contours and contrast around objects and reduces glare. This ease in viewing experience invokes less stress on the eye for longer time wear. 100% defensive against UVA/UVB, they are best worn during moderate sunlight or in hazy, foggy or snowy conditions. 

Aside from the optimal clarity from glass lenses, these specs boast a hydrophobic lens coating.  Hydrophobic defined as “afraid of water.” The unique coating facilitates run-off of water droplets from the lens surface. This allows the wearer a less distorted view when wearing them around water or in the rain. The coating also lends itself to the aid of cleaning your glasses making it quicker and easier to remove smudges.


Originally built for the U.S. Military, our flagship Aviator surpasses rigid mil-spec standards. Standard issue since 1982, these are battle tested and relevant to the most rigorous and demanding use. Worn by pilots, and those who demand the best.


  • Made in USA using the finest components found worldwide.
  • Signature bayonet temples designed for military pilots
  • Lifetime-warranted solder joints
  • Military Issued: HGU4/P, MIL-S-25948
  • Mineral crown glass lens
  • 98-100% UV Protection
  • Adjustable cushioned silicon nose pads for customized fit
  • Package includes a case, microfiber cleaning cloth, and small maintenance kit