Nose Art Bomb Markings

Nose Art Bomb Markings
Nose Art Bomb Markings
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This is the worlds first and only reproduction of Nose Art Bomb Kill Markings painted on World War Two aircraft.  We honor the Allied bomber crews who knew enemy fighters, Flak and even mid air collisions with fellow bombers and their payload were always a threat, and each bomb marking symbolizes a mission flown, payload delivered, and mission completed.


It goes without saying that each symbolic sillouette represents a unimagionable bravery of our bomber crews, and the countless threats they faced on a daily basis.





Whenever I see them ride on high
Gleaming and proud in the morning sky
Or lying awake in bed at night
I hear them pass on their outward flight
I feel the mass of metal and guns
Delicate instruments, deadweight tons
Awkward, slow, bomb racks full
Straining away from downward pull
Straining away from home and base
And try to see the pilot's face
I imagine a boy who's just left school
On whose quick-learned skill and courage cool
Depend the lives of the men in his crew
And success of the job they have to do.
And something happens to me inside
That is deeper than grief, greater than pride
And though there is nothing I can say
I always look up as they go their way
And care and pray for every one,
And steel my heart to say,
"Thy will be done."


— Sarah Churchill, daughter of Sir Winston.




We present the most comprehensive and unique collection of aircraft markings anywhere on the globe.  Our high quality designs drafted after military markings are accurate and exacting in detail. Unlike conventional stickers, vinyl decals appear to be painted on and part of the surface they are applied to. They will not harm any surface and can be easily removed at any time.


The Sierra Hotel markings have been flight tested at subsonic, transonic and supersonic speeds ( Warning: repeated transition to and from Supersonic speeds may cause some peeling) and have survived air and ground operations through all seasons.  Place them on your airplane, helicopter, car, truck, watercraft, motorcycle, laptop, helmet, flight bag, clip board, book binder, snowboard, etc….